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About Me

Hi, I’m Shandos Cleaver and I’m an experienced traveller from Australia who has always aimed to stretch my travel budget. However, I’m not that young anymore, and have a bigger budget to play with, so rather than being a budget traveller, I like to think of myself as an affordable boutique traveller.

And that’s what Travelnuity (which is short for “travel ingenuity”) is all about: affordable boutique travel.

About You

You may also be travelling with a decent sized budget, staying in nice hotels, trying to wiggle an upgrade to business class and affording to splash out occasionally, but you still wish that you could stretch your travel budget further: travel more often, travel for longer, fit in those extra special activities. And you want to enjoy what makes a destination unique, rather than just stay in and dine at places that could be located anywhere.

What’s On Travelnuity?

That’s where Travelnuity comes in, by suggesting affordable yet luxurious stays and stylish Airbnb bargains, providing lists of cheap eats (with an emphasis on local specialities and street food), listing the best free or cheap things to do, and providing other money saving tips for travelling, yet at a quality, “boutique” level, not rock-bottom backpacker style.

The Fine Print

  • All content on Travelnuity is personally written by either myself, Shandos Cleaver, or the occasional guest blogger.
  • Some of the content on this site is based on sponsored stays and tours, but this is always clearly disclosed.
  • Nevertheless, everything is based on our own opinions: I will never publish favourable reviews in return for payment!
  • There are referrals in place to a number of travel services that I like to use (such as TripAdvisor and Hotels.com), that I hope you also find useful.

Any Feedback?

Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions, by sending an email to travelnuity@gmail.com or on our social media accounts.

– Shandos Cleaver, Founder & Blogger-In-Chief