Barcelona Street Art 12

Barcelona Street Art: Photo Essay

After spending nearly 2 months exploring the cities, towns and countryside of Spain, Barcelona easily wins the title of the best city in Spain for street art. (Just one caveat: I missed out on visiting Valencia; it’s been left for a future trip. And Valencia does also have a street art scene, so I might have to re-evaluate in future…)

Within Barcelona, you won’t find many artworks in the old Gothic Quarter, which is thronged daily by tourists. In that area you need to instead rely on the many beautiful historic buildings to supply eye candy, which is definitely not in short supply. Instead, head northward to the district of Gràcia.

Gràcia was once it’s own town, separate to Barcelona, and the district still maintain it’s own vibe, at once hip and cool but residential and family-friendly. The streets are lined with cute boutiques, funky cafes (including some great brunch options) and tiny bars. (Although you’ll have to settle for more sedate closing times around 3am at these bars, instead of them being open to dawn.) It’s becoming increasingly popular with visitors to the city, for good reason, and it’s my favourite area of the city to stay in.

But getting back to Barcelona street art… Wander down many of the streets and laneways of Gràcia and bright works will pop out at you. Many of the works are painted on garage doors (meaning you’ll see more outside of business hours). And while most are painted works, there’s also some great stencils. So, let’s have a wander…


Barcelona Street Art 1
Lots of colourful works line Carrer del Perill, down the street from my Airbnb
Barcelona Street Art 2
A colourful garage door on Carrer del Perill
Barcelona Street Art 3
Monster time on Carrer del Perill

Barcelona Street Art 4
Carrer de Torrijos has some great cafes, plus this creative piece of street art
Barcelona Street Art 5
A touch of spring on Carrer del Perill
Barcelona Street Art 6
I spy a ladybird on Carrer del Perill
Barcelona Street Art 7
Abstract nature outside Mercat Abaceria, the fresh food market in Gràcia
Barcelona Street Art 8
More shopfront roller doors at Mercat Abaceria
Barcelona Street Art 9
A cute couple near Carrer de Sant Salvador, heading north towards the famous Park Guëll
Barcelona Street Art 10
The front of a fitness center on Carrer del Perill
Barcelona Street Art 11
Another mysterious garage door on Carrer del Perill
Barcelona Street Art 12
A pretty work just off Carrer Gran de Gràcia, the high street of Gràcia

2 thoughts on “Barcelona Street Art: Photo Essay

  1. The street art is what I loved about Barcelona. But what really amazes me is that none of my, several dozen of, photos are the same as yours.

    1. Barcelona is such a big city and constantly changing. I’ve also looked at other articles and seen some very different photos, probably from different neighbourhoods. Most of mine are from the Gracia neighbourhood.

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