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  • palwan vs maldives

    Palawan vs Maldives: Where Should I Visit?

    It’s no wonder that the Maldives is considered the ultimate tropical beach destination for romantic getaways. It is so enchantingly beautiful with its gorgeous white sands, aquamarine waters that are glowing…

  • Dash Hotel Seminyak

    Hotel Review: Dash Hotel Seminyak

    Before staying in Seminyak on the Indonesian island of Bali, most people recommended that I stay in a villa, whether a resort of villas or one on Airbnb. Looking online, Seminyak does…

  • Free things to do in Sydney

    9 Free Things to Do in Sydney

    Between accommodation, dining out and booking day trips, Sydney is a fairly pricey city to visit. However, with its natural beauty and if you know where to go, there are plenty…

  • Melbourne public transport

    A Guide to Melbourne Public Transport

    It doesn’t cost that much to use public transport in Melbourne, if you know what you’re doing.  Read these tips to save money on your next trip to Melbourne, from the…

  • Cheap eats in Sydney

    6 Cheap Eats in Sydney

    Sydney has some of the best food in the world. With a diverse make-up of different cultures from around the world, it’s possible to try virtually any cuisine in the world…

  • Free things to do in Melbourne: St Kilda Pier

    Top 6 Free Things to do in Melbourne

    The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne has the reputation of being more cultured than its competitor Sydney, its show-offy neighbour to they north.  Whilst Melbourne doesn’t has the tourist landmarks…