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  • Cheap Eats in Melbourne
    Australia Cheap Eats

    5 Cheap Eats in Melbourne

    Melbourne has some of the best food in the world, and probably the best food in Australia, beating Sydney in the foodie-stakes.  During my past long weekend in Melbourne I spent…

  • Cheap eats in Sydney
    Australia Cheap Eats

    6 Cheap Eats in Sydney

    Sydney has some of the best food in the world. With a diverse make-up of different cultures from around the world, it’s possible to try virtually any cuisine in the world…

  • Fruit in Hawaii
    Cheap Eats Pacific

    12 Cheap Eats in Hawaii

    Who would have thought that one small chain of islands would have so many delicious, cheap meals and treats to try, many not common anywhere else, mostly scattered along the side of the…

  • Cheap Eats in London
    Cheap Eats UK & Ireland

    8 Cheap Eats in London

    In recent decades, England has thrown off its reputation of being so lacking in the culinary department that its national dish was often declared to be an Indian Curry. There’s now no shortage of…

  • George Town, Penang
    Asia Cheap Eats

    5 Cheap Eats in Penang

    Penang is the food capital of Malaysia, with many visitors specially visiting just to spend the weekend eating from morning to night. Malaysian cuisine, including in Penang, is highly varied, due…

  • Cheap eats Istanbul
    Cheap Eats Europe

    5 Cheap Eats in Istanbul

    One of my favourite things about travelling to new destinations is trying out the new types of food and drink that I haven’t previously experienced.  Or even if it is something…