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  • Europe Street Art

    Barcelona Street Art: Photo Essay

    After spending nearly 2 months exploring the cities, towns and countryside of Spain, Barcelona easily wins the title of the best city in Spain for street art. (Just one caveat: I missed…

  • First Coat
    Street Art

    A Year of Street Art Festivals

    I’m a big fan of street art and exploring all the wonderful sites located around the world. While much street art is created covertly, some of it has been created as part of special…

  • Asia Street Art

    Kuching Street Art: Photo Essay

    When you think of Borneo, you probably picture an island of rugged wilderness. A land of rainforest and home to the endangered orangutans. And while Kuching, one of the largest cities…

  • Asia Street Art

    Malacca (Melaka) Street Art: Photo Essay

    Malacca (Melaka) and George Town are two historic cities along Peninsular Malaysia that have been jointly World Heritage listed for their unique architectural and cultural townscape, the result of 500 years of…

  • Sydney street art in Newtown
    Australia Street Art

    Sydney Street Art: Photo Essay

    Sydney street art has always been the little brother to the scene in Melbourne’s laneways and inner city suburbs,  but in recent years it’s exploded. Note: This post contains affiliate links,…

  • Street art in Melbourne
    Street Art

    Best Street Art Cities Around the World

    I love art in public places. Rather than being shut away in galleries and museums, art should be a living part of life. It should be something that is encountered regularly, whether…