Favourite Female Travel Bloggers

My 10 Favourite Female Travel Bloggers


I never would have created this travel blog or kept working at it so hard, if it wasn’t for the inspiration of the many other travel bloggers out there. In particular, I’ve read and followed some really inspirational female travel bloggers, who have shown what’s possible and been so friendly and supportive. So, in return I want to give a shout out to all of my favourite female travel bloggers!

My Favourite Female Travel Bloggers are…

Silia of The Viennese Girl

Last year I travelled to Vienna for the first time, and when hunting around the web for inspirational ideas on Vienna, I came across the gorgeous photos of The Viennese Girl.  Thank you so much for showing me the beauty of Vienna, plus I’ve been loving seeing your photos of Greece on Instagram lately!

Jayne of Girl Tweets World

I can’t remember where I first came across Jayne’s site, but Girl Tweets World was one of the first travel blogs I read, where I thought maybe I could do this, too…  I’ve since loved chatting with Jayne on a couple of the #anztravelchats on Twitter that she’s co-hosted.

Aileen of I Am Aileen

I’ve also been checking out Aileen’s blog on-and-off for awhile.  I love how her blog is so colourful, that it’s impossible to not get inspired by it!  I also loved her long post on cheap and free travel around the world!

Sabina of Girl vs Globe

I firstly came across Sabina’s blog as she also created the fabulous Facebook group for female travellers, Girls vs Globe, which I joined 3 months ago.  Thank you so much Sabina for creating this awesome online community – I have benefited from it in so many ways!  I also love Sabina’s colourful sense of fashion, which comes through in everything she does!

Christina of Currently Exploring

I owe so much to Christina!  I came across her blog one day when searching for awesome blog designs (I love your front page!), and she has so many awesome ideas for travelling in continental USA when I finally make it there.  However, in particular, her blog post on networking groups led me to find out about both Girl vs Globe and Travel Massive, two groups that I’ve since joined and benefitted from.

Oksana of Drink Tea & Travel

One of my favourite travel bloggers on Instagram lately has been Oksana (and Max!) of Drink Tea & Travel.  I love all of the photos that they’ve shared of Indonesia, that have made me realise I want to visit more of this country on Australia’s doorstep, than just Bali.  They’ve also been sharing some awesome diving photos from Malaysia!

Rachel of Hippie in Heels

I wrote my first ever guest blog post for Rachel, which will be appearing on her blog in October.  I love how she’s also into luxury travel and galloping, despite currently living in India, a country that I’ve usually associated with hippies travelling on a budget.  While I haven’t yet been to India, I am looking forward to making use of her many recommendations for India when I do!

Melissa of A Broken Backpack

I first came across Melissa’s blog after reading about her fresh and realistic account of working in regional Australia.  She is so full of life, and this comes across in everything she writes, her sense of humour and enthusiasm is contagious!

Janet of Journalist On The Run

I have only recently come across Janet from the Girls vs Globe group, and I’m so delighted about her impressive achievements lately!  Not only has she been published in National Geographic Traveller and Huffington Post, she’s also been shortlisted for two Irish Blog Awards (read more and vote for her here)!  I also love that when she went on a mission to increase her Instagram followers, she shared all her tips – thank you so much!

Alexandria of A Modern Girl’s Travels

Alexandria is also a regular contributor to the Girls vs Globe group, and her blog shares her beautiful sense of style.  A couple of her blog posts lately have really stood out: her list of 10 fabulous Airbnbs by the sea of under $100 and her selection of 6 gorgeous weekender bags (all but one of which are under $100) (my favourite type of bag to travel with!)

… and my 10 Answers to my SOTW Questions

What’s your favourite continent?

I have to nominate Europe.  It was the first continent that I visited after Australia (where I live) and it’s one continent that I keep on going back to, despite the long flights.

What would you bring to a deserted island, if you could take only one thing?

It would be a toss up between my swimming costume, so that I could go swimming all day long (I’m assuming the water is warm!) and my iPhone, so I could continue to post beautiful photos on Instagram, my current addiction (assuming there’s phone reception…)  Can you imagine how amazing a deserted island theme Instagram account would be??

Your favourite thing to photograph?

I can’t choose one!  I love to photograph architectural structures, street art, panoramas in nature, butterflies, fish when snorkelling and diving…

Cat or a dog? Why?

Dog all the way!! I love how dogs are so affectionate.  I’ve now got a miniature dachshund called Schnitzel, who is nearly 3 years old, and who I miss so much when I’m travelling.

What has travelling taught you?

It’s taught me patience and the importance of just relaxing and knowing that everything will turn out all right in the end.  I’m a bit of a control freak (just ask my husband), and when you’re travelling there’s so much you can’t control!  I’ve also learnt that I should make plenty of plans for the last day (particularly when flying out in the evening), otherwise I end up doing nothing much and being bored.

What do you prefer: travelling full time, without a permanent home, or doing trips and coming back to your own place? Why?

The only time that I’ve travelled full time without a permanent home was when I travelled around Australia for 5 months, and I must admit out SUV was quite roomy and almost a home away from home, compared to if you’re just backpacking.  I’ve tended to mainly do shorter trips, I find it nice to travel for 2-3 weeks, then come back home and relax.  It helps that I live in Sydney, a beautiful city with great beaches and so much to do.

What would you say to a person who wants to travel but is still holding back and not going?

Just go ahead and book your flights, otherwise you will always regret it!  Travel is one of the most amazing parts of life, and it’s not what you do that you regret, it’s what you don’t do.

What’s the one item you can’t go anywhere without?

I don’t think I’ve ever been away without taking something to read, usually a book, but at least a magazine.  Whether it’s something to read when on a long haul flight, taking a train or just chilling on the beach.  I’ve sometimes had books on my phone, but much prefer something physical, ideally a smallish paperback.

Summer or winter? Why?

Summer!! Sometimes I think I’m semi-cold-blooded, as I really feel the cold and need to rug up.  Last Christmas I went to Europe for a White Christmas (Germany, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic).  Whilst I dressed warmly and didn’t really get cold (except for the day in Prague when it sat at -5C whilst we were doing a Castle Walking Tour), plus it was great to see it snow for the first time, it wasn’t quite the same as visiting during Summer, or at least Spring.  I like to walk around a lot, visit gardens and do some hiking (rather than spend every day inside), plus the sun was setting around 4pm and making me feel like dinner around 5pm!

Your absolute favourite travel blog? (Or top 3 ;D)

See above for a list of 10!  I hope you enjoy following some of these fine ladies too!

(And if you also want to participate in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards, please answer the above 10 questions – they were a lot of fun to answer!)

8 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Female Travel Bloggers

  1. This gives me more blogs to follow. Yay! I am just starting to plan my travels and decided to set up a blog to showcase it. Since I’m not traveling for a while still I’m going to post stuff about local places people would enjoy visiting Pittsburgh, too. 🙂 Glad to have some other women bloggers to follow now and learn from!

    1. Thanks! Best of luck with your blog and definitely include some local articles for now – it’s always great to get the inside scope from a local!

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