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The Travelnuity Guide to Indonesia

Too often, Indonesia except for the island of Bali is overlooked by visitors as a fabulous destination in South East Asia. It has countless beautiful islands, unique wildlife (such as the Komodo Dragon), impressive volcanoes to be climbed, and some of the best Buddhist and Hindu temples in the region (despite being largely Muslim these days).

So far I’ve only visited Java, Lombok (and the Gili Islands) and cruised to Komodo Island, as well as visiting Bali multiple times. I’d love to return to see Sumatra, Sulawesi and Raja Ampat (where some of the most pristine coral reefs and best diving in the world can be found). Need some more reasons to visit? Check out my various posts on Indonesia, that I’ve collected together below.

One extra note: I wouldn’t recommend that you take your dog with you travelling in Indonesia. As well as a high incidence for malaria and a lot of stray dogs, you can’t directly travel from Indonesia into Australia with a dog, without spending some time first in another approved country. But it makes for a great dog-free holiday!

Travel Inspiration

Boats on Selong Belanak
Gorgeous beaches in Lombok

Not sure what else there is to see in Indonesia apart from Bali? Check out these posts for some ideas.

My Bali Tips

Rice paddies in Ubud
Rice paddies in Ubud

After multiple visits, I’m convinced that Bali is a fabulous destination. But the best of this island paradise  is found away from its tourist mecca of Kuta and the surrounding south-eastern corner. Don’t miss out on a visit to Ubud, or consider exploring up to the northern coastline.

Practical Tips

Java Trains
Catching the train in Java

Travelling in Indonesia has it’s differences from a trip to Europe or the USA. Check out these tips for a smooth trip.

Where to Stay

Holiday Resort Lombok
The beautiful grounds of the Holiday Resort Lombok

Accommodation options in Indonesia range from the cheap and basic, to luxury digs. Here are some excellent but affordable choices.

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