Underwater at Modessa Island: Photo Essay

When I stumbled across Modessa Island Resort while looking for accommodation options in Palawan, Philippines, I knew I’d come across something special. A tiny island (officially called Reef Island) with just a small rustic resort, less than an hour’s boat ride from Roxas on the main island, surrounded by white sandy beaches and great coral for snorkelling – what’s not to love? And while the weather late in the rainy season meant the conditions weren’t ever 100% perfect for snorkelling (varying from cloudy with rain, to sunny with swell, then not the best visibility), it was still amazing, as these photos attest…

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Triggerfish at Modessa Island
Hello there, Mr Triggerfish!
Fish at Modessa Island
Check out the electric blue stripe along its fins
Fish at Modessa Island
Just posing for the camera!
Blue coral at Modessa Island
Colourful coral and fish life to explore
Anemone at Modessa Island
Waiting for the Anemonefish to stop hiding…
Crown of Thorn Starfish at Modessa Island
Not getting too close to the Crown of Thorn Starfish, those thorns are sharp!
Triggerfish at Modessa Island
Another gorgeous Triggerfish
Picasso Triggerfish at Modessa Island
A Picasso Triggerfish gliding through the sea grass in the shallows
Modessa Island
Taking a peak above water!
Lionfish at Modessa Island
A poisonous Lionfish (or Scorpionfish) hiding next to the boat’s anchor
Coral at Modessa Island
Beautiful coral
Razorfish at Modessa Island
No, these aren’t fragments of sea grass, but the elusive Razorfish drifting in the swell
Modessa Island Snorkel
So much coral and colourful fish!
Copperband Butterflyfish at Modessa Island
A Copperband Butterflyfish just swimming around
Bluespotted FIntail Ray at Modessa Island
Take a closer look at that blue tail… its a Bluespotted Fintail Ray hiding underneath the coral!
Modessa Island Snorkel
Just snorkelling around…
Hexagon Groper at Modessa Island
I think this is a juvenile Hexagon Groper
Anemonefish at Modessa Island
Anemonefish saying hi!
Clam at Modessa Island
The clams were so brightly coloured
Butterflyfish at Modessa Island
More Butterflyfish just gliding around
Sea Urchin at Modessa Island
Watch out for the spines of this sea urchin…
Coral garden at Modessa Island
Beautiful coral gardens next to the drop off to deeper water
Clams and Coral at Modessa Island
Colourful clams and soft coral waving in the swell
Modessa Island Snorkel
So many fish!
Clownfish at Modessa Island
Wow, check out these gorgeous Clownfish!
Clams at Modessa Island
Try and count the clams in amongst this coral bommy
Modessa Island Snorkel
So many amazing hours spent snorkelling at Modessa Island – would love to return!

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