Shoreditch Street Art

Shoreditch Street Art: Photo Essay

How to describe the street art of the Shoreditch area of London in just one word? Amazing! There are simply so many works of art, scattered across so many streets, laneways and deserted blocks in the area. There’s everything from murals to stencils to 3D sculptures on the walls. And the quality of the works is high!

To explore the area, you could simply wander the streets, and there are so many works that I’m sure you would find plenty to look at. It’s a particularly fun area to explore on the weekend, when there’s extra markets and events on, and the whole area is bustling.

Alternatively, join one of the many street art tours of Shoreditch that regularly run, on both weekends and weekdays. Or if you want to save your pounds for a pint and curry, follow a map like this one to create your own self-guided tour. But also keep your eye out for extra works – there’s always so many new works appearing (and, sadly, disappearing).

On my recent visit I took over 150 photos in the space of an afternoon! Here’s 20 of my favourite snaps from that day.

Shoreditch Street Art 1
This huge work is on the western end of Rivington Street
Shoreditch Street Art 2
On Rivington Street, across the road from Cargo Club

Shoreditch Street Art 3
Banksy’s famous work just inside the yard of Cargo Club, on Rivington Street. Behind plexiglass, of course!
Shoreditch Street Art 4
Up high on the eastern end of Rivington Street
Shoreditch Street Art 5
Inside a courtyard along New Inn Yard
Shoreditch Street Art 6
Dreaming of Nessie on Holywell Lane
Shoreditch Street Art 7
On Whitby Street, near Shoreditch High Street Station
Shoreditch Street Art 8
One of many colourful works along Sclater Street
Shoreditch Street Art 9
Another work from Sclater Street
Shoreditch Street Art 10
On Brick Lane, just near the train line
Shoreditch Street Art 11
A rather fearsome dumpster, just off Pedley Street
Shoreditch Street Art 12
An “Audio Surveillance Zone”, on Brick Lane
Shoreditch Street Art 13
Inspirational messages on Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane
Shoreditch Street Art 14
Amazing huge murals along Hanbury Street
Shoreditch Street Art 15
A moment of whimsy on Hanbury Street
Shoreditch Street Art 16
Maybe we should all do less cleaning, and make more street art?
Shoreditch Street Art 17
London nightscape on Hanbury Street
Shoreditch Street Art 18
One of the awesome works at the end of Seven Stars Yard – don’t miss turning down this lane!
Shoreditch Street Art 19
Another work in Seven Stars Yard
Shoreditch Street Art 20
A colourful face on Brick Lane, just south of Seven Stars Yard

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