What’s Been Your Favourite Travel Adventure?

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Often when travelling we embark on far more adventurous activities than we thought we’d dare to do, or would have considered doing in day to day life.  This week I shared one of my biggest adventures, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a gruelling 7 day hike which put me at risk of altitude sickness (plus there were no showers for 7 days!)

In order to inspire all of my readers (plus myself) to stretch our limits, I asked a group of travel bloggers to share one of their favourite adventures.  From hang gliding in Rio, zipping about above the forest, climbing (and tobogganing on) the Great Wall, flying in an 8-seater plane and motorbiking through Vietnam, these are all feats that require overcoming our usual limits (and especially fears of heights!)  Hope you’re inspired to embark on further adventures on your travels!

Simone of The Aussie Flashpacker

The Aussie Flashpacker - Hang Gliding over Rio de Janeiro

Rio has so many amazing natural and man-made attractions and sights and on my trip there a few years ago my friends and I decided that the best way to take in all of Rio’s beauty was to see it from the air! It was a highlight of my South American adventure and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Rio. We started with a drive through Tijuca National park, one of the biggest urban rain forests in the world before taking the plunge from the top of the mountain. The flight took just over 10 minutes and we landed back on Sau Conrado Beach.

I am incredibly scared of heights but took the plunge. With the calm assistance and encouragement from my instructor I was able to face my fears and experience the thrill and views of a lifetime! I could not recommend this more highly to anyone visiting Rio. It was awe-inspiring and breathtaking and I personally think the best way to experience all this amazing city has to offer!

Laura of Savored Journey

Ziplining at Whistler
One of the best adventures I’ve had while traveling was ziplining through the forest in Whistler, BC, Canada. I went to Whistler with my family and we did the ziplining course together, which made it an even better experience. The Ziptrek Ecotour we went on included 5 different ziplines, with one that’s 2,400 ft in the air with a 30-storey descent. In between rides, we climbed along suspension bridges high up in the trees to get to the next viewing platform. It was a really incredible experience that I would love to do again!

Lily of Lily Travella

Lily at The Great Wall
In April this year, after years of it being at the top of my bucket list, I climbed the Great Wall of China! Something I never thought I’d get the chance to do! Without a doubt, it was the proudest moment of my life. As a group of twelve, we walked four sections of the Mutyanu section of the wall. But I decided four wasn’t enough and carried on until the end alone. With a strict time limit before needing to head back down to the bottom to our coach, I power walked to the highest point of the wall – definitely not recommended – before realising that my friend had my water bottle – big mistake! Somehow, I managed to catch up to the rest of my group on their way back down.

If that wasn’t enough, we then tobogganed back down the wall! What?! I didn’t even know that was possible. I can honestly say that my Chinese adventure changed my life! After seeing what I was capable of on the wall, I decided to enter the London Marathon, and it’s triggered my passion to find out what I’m really capable of.

Tracey of Exploration Addict

Inside the airplane

I originally went to San Juan, Puerto Rico for work, and one of our appointments introduced us to an activist who had time to meet with us as well. Only thing was they were on Vieques Island, so we had to quickly make last minute travel plans for a day on the island. We first considered driving down to the ferry, but with our time restriction we opted for flying there.

When I saw how small the plane was I just about started jumping up and down. Having never imagined flying in one of these tiny planes I thought I’d be scared but those feelings never came. I did need to try and keep my cool since I was with my boss, but the closer we got the more excited I got. And once they sat me behind the pilot I couldn’t hide my excitement any longer! There was a total of 8 seats in the whole plane! Each direction was a short flight but it was really exciting!

Donna of Haute Couture Fashion

Motorbiking in North Vietnam

In August this year I decided to step up my travel game once and for all. I quit my full time job and I have devoted my savings to traveling around the world for the next 2 years. I research and write about cultural costume and fashion around the world for my blog. Visiting remote ethnic hill tribes is my most favorite methods of research and it used to involve booking rigid tour operators and day trips, something I had found personally unsatisfying.

Last year I challenged myself to learn to ride a fully manual motorbike with high hopes of one day touring the world by bike. This summer my aspirations became my inspiration and I decided to rent a brand new Lifan touring bike and set off towards mountains of North Vietnam. Home to 80% of Vietnams 54 ethnic minority groups I knew this trip was going to be really special both personally and professionally.

Each day came with testing perseverance as the only way to get back home was to keep driving forward, whatever the weather, whatever the worry. I drove over landslides, burst river banks, around creators, up 15% gradiant hair pin roads and through torrential rain for over 500km.  I dropped the bike 3 times, was sunburnt, my hands where covered in blisters, I was bruised and sore and my hair was a utter joke. But I kept hearing Cheryl Strayed’s “Fuck it, lets go!” in my head as my hourly mantra, and I did.

I honestly believe i can do anything I set my mind to. Now when I see someone doing something i really admire, i don’t think “i wish i could do that”, I think “wow, cool! How long before I’m doing that?

What’s been your favourite travel adventure or what are you planning on embarking upon soon? Share in the comments below!

(All photos supplied by travel bloggers)

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    Moving to the USA to work for four months when I was a fresh-faced 19 year old would be up there. Got to go to Yellowstone National Park at the end, which was pretty much the highlight of my life. Check out my blog if you fancy!

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