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The Travelnuity Guide to Western Australia

Western Australia (or WA for short) is home to some of the most stunning scenery in Australia, not to mention some epic road trips. No matter if it’s crossing the Nullarbor (from South Australia), taking a quick jaunt to the Margaret River wine region, cruising up the coast to Broome or exploring the Kimberley region, there’s plenty to do. Here’s all the Western Australia posts on Travelnuity collected together in one place, to help you plan a fabulous visit.

Epic Road Trips

Camel Ride at Broome
A sunset camel ride on Cable Beach in Broome

No matter what else you do, you have to include at least one road trip in your visit to Western Australia. Here’s some of the best.

Bucket-List Experiences

Whale shark
Swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef

Western Australia is home to some  awesome bucket-list experiences, both under the sea and on the beach.

Affordable Accommodation

Early morning light in Karijini National Park, WA
Camping at Karijini National Park

Some of the best places to stay in Western Australia are at the many camp grounds, often located in national parks. I’ve gathered together some of the best recommendations, plus tips on camping in Australia.

2 thoughts on “The Travelnuity Guide to Western Australia

    1. Western Australia is such a huge place, there’s a lot of different road trip options depending on how long you have.

      If you only have a long weekend, if you’re starting from Perth head south to the Margaret River for wine tasting and surfing beaches. Alternatively, if you’re wanting some 4WDing adventure and Aboriginal culture, start from Broome and head up the Dampier Peninsula for a couple of nights.

      If you’re got a week, it’s a great length of time to drive a 4WD along the Gibb River Road between Broome and Kununurra. (I haven’t looked into whether one way rentals are possible, though.) A great one week 2WD drive option starting from Perth would be to head down to the Margaret River region, but keep on going in a loop around the SW corner of the state, through Pemberton, Walpole, Denmark, Albany and Esperance. (Don’t forget to visit one of the whitest beaches in Australia!)

      If you’ve got at least 2 weeks, it’s a great amount of time to drive up the coast from Perth to Broome, stopping at the places I’ve detailed in my blog post. And of course, if you’ve got even longer, combine together multiple trips!

      A word about the weather… The northern part of the state is best visited between May and September. Otherwise you’ll encounter the wet season, with lots of flooded out roads, a chance of cyclones and some of the very hot temperatures. The southern part of the state is the opposite, with the best weather from November to April, particularly if you want to visit the beaches. It tends to rain more in winter. However, if you’re going for the wine tasting, it’s ideal anytime of year.

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